Hello live music fans,

These are indeed challenging times and, as such, I feel that is important for me, as the owner Charles Smith, to update you as we enter the fall and winter months.

Starting next month we will be minimizing our activity at the theater. As the weather gets colder we will be unable to do outdoor events. And with the uncertainty and ever-evolving nature of the pandemic and the constraints and restrictions that are imposed on us, we are not planning to promote any indoor events after the last weekend in October.

In short, we will be lying (mostly) dormant for the next few months.

Many independent venues around the country have been completely shuttered since early-March and we cannot thank the Flagstaff community enough for helping us keep the lights on and keep music alive thus far.

The Orpheum Theater has been Northern Arizona’s Premiere Live Music Venue for over 19-years and this ‘hibernation’ is temporary. The music industry is relentless and resilient and we know that it, and we, will be back stronger than ever as soon as it is safe to gather our community to experience live music once again.

During this time the theater will still be available for venue rentals. We will continue to fundraise and sell a variety of merchandise to help pay our monthly bills that continue to come despite losing roughly 90% of our average, annual revenue.

Most importantly we will continue to contact our state officials and urge them to support The HEROES Act, which would allocate $50 billion in grants to small businesses that have suffered financial losses as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. You can help in this effort by contacting your local and state representatives to speak up for your local venues. Learn more at nivassoc.org

We need our elected officials to come together on COVID-19 assistance in the coming days, not weeks or even months. It is estimated that without swift action from congress, our country will lose 90% of its independent music venues. These entertainment hubs are critical to their local economies and tax bases as employers, tourism destinations, and revenue generators for neighboring businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and retail. Independent venues exist in every state across the country; they were the first to be closed, they will be the last to open. The economic recovery process will extend past just reopening the front doors, requiring solutions unique to the industry.

Please know our gratitude is too immense to capture in words but again, our deepest thanks for your continued support this past year and in the future. 

Stay safe,

Charles Smith

Orpheum Theater Flagstaff Winter Update

***We will continue to update this page with any changes to our COVID-safe protocols and reopening plan.