18th Annual Film Festival: Friday
Presented by Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival

18th Annual Film Festival: Friday

All Ages
Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival: Friday Sessions

Friday, 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Session 2: Human Ingenuity

Human Powered

Director: Matt Cecill | 24 mins, Canada, 2019

Every year, trail runners from around the world line up to test themselves at the grueling Finlayson Arm 100km on Vancouver Island. Human Powered looks beyond the finish line, into the community of dedicated volunteers who bring this event to life.

(people) of water

Director: Forest Woodward 20 mins, USA, 2019

For thousands of years, outrigger canoes have connected diverse cultures and people around the world. People of water follows the story of Rob Prechtl and US Men’s Raft team, as they embark on a journey to learn the craft of outrigger paddling.

Voices on the Road

Directors: Eilidh Munro & Bethan John | 24 mins, Peru, 2019

Deep in the remote Peruvian Amazon a road is quietly destroying a protected rainforest, causing conflict and fear. But for some indigenous communities, desperate for change, it is also bringing hope.


Director: Leah Shore 4 mins, USA, 2018

EXTREMOPHILES [ĭk-strē′məfīl′s] noun.- A portrait film about the pollution in Brooklyn NY and beyond. Made thanks to the Imagine Science Film Grant/Sandbox Fund.

Out On A Limb

Director: Jordan Manley 21 mins, USA, 2019

Kai Lin’s story explores his unlikely alliance with Arc’teryx athlete, Craig DeMartino, from which the pair serve up a holy grail for adaptive rock climbers – a badass prosthetic foot, that won’t just level the playing field, but will dish up, if not superpowers, then a real sense of empowerment.

Friday, 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Session 3: "Love It"

Mi Mamá

In Person: James Q Martin | Director: James Q Martin | 5 mins, USA, 2019

This is an inter-generational story of Nadia Mercado and her mother Clariza Valdez and how their experiences of the outdoors intertwine. Clariza’s story is one of migration, survival, resilience, and sacrifice, so that her children could follow their dreams.


Director: Stefanie Brockhaus 15 mins, France / Norway / Réunion, 2018

Fusing free diving and dance, Julie Gautier leads us into a new territory of ocean life. JULIE is Gautier’s powerful story of finding her creative voice beneath the surface.

Sonora Rising

In Person: Sinjin Eberle Director: Sinjin Eberle 11 mins, USA, 2019

Water and wheat — foundations of life for millennia. This film explores the thoughts of three visionaries in Tucson who are creating and growing a circular economy of water, forging a sustainable future for a city that could have gone in another direction.

R.A.W. Tuba

In Person: David Larson Directors: David Larson & Darren Durlach 28 mins, USA, 2019

This film is about a Baltimore child who experienced homelessness, sleeping wherever he could. Despite enormous challenges he went on to become a worldclass symphony musician and professor from one of the most prestigious music programs in the US.

Camel Finds Water

Director: Ian Durkin 8 mins, USA / Canada, 2019

Trevor found the hull of an abandoned fishing boat in a field. He brought it home and built it back to a sea-worthy state over the course of a summer. Then, he took it on its maiden voyage to British Columbia in search of waves.

Surf Cuba

Director: Jacob Oster 15 mins, Cuba, 2017

This film colorfully documents the Cuban surf community’s struggles and how they overcome them in order to pursue their passion–Cubans don’t think about the problem, they think about the solution.

Sweetheart Dancers

Director: Ben-Alex Dupris 13 mins, USA, 2019

A story about Sean and Adrian, a Two-Spirit couple determined to rewrite the rules of Native American culture through their participation in the “Sweetheart Dance.” This celebratory contest is held at powwows across the country, primarily for men and women couples, until now.