Almost Ghosts
Presented by The Orpheum Theater & Cristina Vivó

Almost Ghosts

Almost Ghosts
All Ages
"Almost Ghosts" - written and directed by Ana Ramon Rubio

“Almost Ghosts” is a documentary film shot on legendary Route 66 and starring three men who fought to maintain their essence when the highways and interstate roads began to displace the old Mother Road.

Harley Russell, 73, lives only on the tips he receives at his crazy store at Erick (Oklahoma) with his Mediocre Music Maker show. Angel Delgadillo, 91, the last barber of Seligman (Arizona), continues shaving drivers who go out of the interstate highway to visit his town. Lowell Davis, more than 80, is the first inhabitant of Red Oak II (Missouri), a ghost town which he rebuilt through the restoration of its old houses. Three stories of perseverance and overcoming in what was once the road that connected the United States from East to West. Three survivors that managed to save the most well-known route in America.