The 41st Day — The Journey of Ryan Hall

The 41st Day — The Journey of Ryan Hall

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The 41st Day - The Journey of Ryan Hall

Join us for a special Q&A with Ryan Hall and director Timothy Jeffreys immediately after the film!

Ryan Hall is the fastest marathon runner in American history. His consistency is only matched by legends of the sport. In order to go down as the best, however, Ryan needed to do something that had eluded him his whole career - win an international marathon.

In August of 2012, Ryan tried to do that in the biggest race of his life, the 2012 Olympic Marathon. He took on the dominant east Africans and the rest of the world in a race that was billed as the toughest and fastest in Olympic history.

Ryan isn't the ordinary runner, though. While competitors prepare in training groups under the systematic care of coaches and advisors, Ryan runs alone. Practicing what he calls faith-based coaching, he relies exclusively on the direction of his faith to dictate his training, an unprecedented and often scrutinized approach in the world of distance running. "For me, running is an art more than a science," says Ryan. One can't argue with his results up to this point, but will his faith be enough to take him to the top?

This film will tell his story.