The Toasters - 4 Decades In Ska Tour
Presented by the Orpheum Theater

The Toasters

The Originals

All Ages
The Toasters - 4 Decades in Ska!

After nearly 4 decades, The Toasters are hitting the gas, not the brakes. With an international all-star line-up their whirlwind global tour continues unabated across the continents. Performances are scheduled in South America, Asia and Russia on top of regular touring in the USA, Europe and Canada. Formed on the Lower East Side of NYC the band is the longest running US SKA formation. They bridge the gap between England's 2-Tone movement and the American Ska explosion of the 90's which they are rightfully credited with starting. During the 3rd Wave Ska revival The Toasters formed the famous Moon Records label and kick-started the careers of dozens of bands.

The Toasters will release a new single in 2020 titled “Turn Back Time”. Ska Brewing (Durango) will brew a special beer to celebrate the band’s anniversary.

"Not the worst Reel Big Fish cover band." - The Originals, A Reel Big Fish Cover Band.

We have assembled some of the best 3rd wave ska musicians that Arizona has to offer! This super group is comprised of life long performers and truly professional musicians. We want to have fun. We want you to have fun. If you are interested in fun we are happy to oblige.

If you have a favorite RBF song please let us know...we would be happy to incorporate it into our set!