Irie-zona Reggae Rockout, The Yoties

Irie-zona Reggae Rockout

The Yoties

Innerstate, I. Conscious

Saturday, July 1 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$6.00 - $11.00

This event is 16 and over

Irie-zona Reggae Rockout
Irie-zona Reggae Rockout
'IrieZona Reggae Rockout!' will feature the newest CD release of IrieZona's very own, 'Tha Yoties' newest recording, 'Midnight Patrol' (2017 Mudshark Studios - Flagstaff, AZ). Supporting the event will be the Santa Fe based Reggae Rock sensation, InnaState, with very special guest, Zuni Pueblo's I.Conscious.
The Yoties
Tha 'Yoties are a Reggae/Rock band from Flagstaff, Arizona. The band is notable for their lively performances, catchy melodies, and conscious message. Their signature 'IrieZona Reggae-Rock' sound is greatly influenced by the cultures and concerns of the Native American populations of the Four Corners region. Through the universal language of music, Tha 'Yoties are howling in the desert for the people and lands of the Colorado Plateau.
Innastate is a contemporary reggae band from the high-desert of New Mexico. Based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico, the band brings a positive high energy approach to reggae music. The group has been together since the spring of 2014 and has gained momentous acclaim for their live performances and self titled debut EP.
I. Conscious
I.Conscious is a reggae band based in Zuni Pueblo and led by Kurt 'I.Conscious' Wyaco. Born in Riverside California, and raised in the Hawaiian islands, Wyaco was greatly influenced by reggae music throughout his life. After working as a session and touring musician for other bands, Wyaco formed I.Conscious, whose debut ep was nominated for Best World Recording at the Native American Music Awards in 2014.