A Celebration of Summer

The Orpheum Theater and Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival Presents:

A Celebration of Summer

Euonia, Accross The Sky, Proven Here: Iceland, Running with the Belles, What You Take Away, Young Guns, The Wind River Project, Paul's Boots

Thursday, June 29 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


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A Celebration of Summer
A Celebration of Summer
We'll be opening the FMFF archives to assemble a collection of films that inspire us to get outside and play hard in the long days and summer sun.
4 min

Eunonia // Noun (uncountable)(rhetoric) Goodwill towards an audience, either perceived or real; the perception that the speaker has the audience's interest at heart. Directed by Sebastien Zanella and featuring Pedro Boonman in the Maldives.
Accross The Sky
1 min

On November 15, 2015 Théo Sanson walked nearly 500 meters on a slackline rigged from The Rectory to Castleton Tower in Castle Valley, Utah - likely a new world record. Rigging the line is perhaps as significant a feat as walking it. Directed by Renan Ozturk.
Proven Here: Iceland
5 min

This strange land is littered with awe-inspiring trails hidden among huge glaciers and ragged peaks blanketed with lush vibrant fauna. The primordial terrain carved into the landscape and the chaotic weather made it an ideal setting for us to shred the Yeti SB4.5c. Directed by Craig Grant & Joey Schusler.
Running with the Belles
9 min

The Maroon Belles are a women's trail running group based out of Carbondale, Colorado. In this short film Maroon Belles members Director Michelle Smith and Yitka Winn, show us that when a community of women come together, they become inspired to tap into that voice that tells them to go for it and accomplish something that they wouldn't on their own.
What You Take Away
A Colorado River Reflection- 7 min

Meet Katie, one of the 40 million people who depend on the Colorado River. Pondering life after high school, Katie finds comfort in reflecting on her time in one of the Nation’s most iconic National Parks. Guided by river currents, curiosity, and scientists from the US Geological Survey, her voyage of discovery leads to a deeper understanding of the Colorado River as an ecosystem… and her own place in it. Directed by Jeremy Monroe & David Herasimtschuk
Young Guns
27 min

Meet the new faces of climbing: 14-year-old Ashima Shiraishi and 15-year-old Kai Lightner are the leaders of a new generation poised to take the sport to the next level. Ashima, a New York City native, has already become the youngest person and the first female to climb the benchmark elite grades of 5.15a and v15. Kai, one of the few African American climbers rising to the top of the sport, became a national climbing champion as a high school sophomore. Now these two prodigies and friends travel to the rugged coast of Norway, where a legendary cave is filled with the most difficult climbs on earth. Pushed outside their comfort zone, Kai and Ashima learn some hard but important lessons that will carry them to even greater heights. Part f the REEL ROCK Tour and directed by Nick Rosen, Josh Lowell & Peter Mortimer.
The Wind River Project
11 min

The Wind River Project follows a team of Type-1 diabetic climbers as they journey into Wyoming's Wind River Range to test themselves against the mountains while also managing their complex and potentially life-threatening disease. Their goal — ascending a previously unclimbed section of rock, a “first ascent”, in the remote Titcomb Basin. As they pursue this goal, the team faces the volatile highs and lows both of the mountains and their disease. Against a backdrop that portrays the joy and beauty of climbing in the high mountains, the Wind River Project shares a story of finding inspiration because of, rather than in spite of, limitations. Directed by Blake McCord.
Paul's Boots
38 min

M’Lynn’s husband, Paul, passed away in July 2015. He left behind polished hiking boots and a backpack for his dream hike: the 2,189-mile Appalachian Trail. – How good would it be,” M’Lynn asked, – for his boots to make the journey even if Paul couldn’t?” Her plea launched an incredible journey. Paul’s Boots follows the boots and the people who carried them. Directed by Fitz Cahall & Isaiah Branch-Boyle.