Save The Waves Film Festival

Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival Presents:

Save The Waves Film Festival

Thursday, April 26 2018

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$5.50 - $8.50

This event is all ages

Save The Waves Film Festival
Save The Waves Film Festival
Save The Waves Film Festival brought to you by Flagstaff Mountain Film festival, Azulita Project & Mountain Sports.

Save the Waves Coalition protects and preserves coastal ecosystems around the world in partnership with local communities, utilizing a unique combination of protected areas, economics and direct action.

Save The Waves Film Festival is an international film tour and fundraiser for Save The Waves’ environmental programs and campaigns. Movies alone can’t change the world – but the people who watch them can.
Save The Waves’ documentary films and the Film Festival educate and inspire audiences to protect the coastline. Our interest is not to make films promoting nor glorifying activism, but rather film as activism.
For more info on films,

The festival will be a single-use plastic-free event, so we encourage all attendees to bring your own cup and water bottle. For those who forget, we will have compostables. We will have a raffle with goods from Save The Waves, Patagonia and much more.

Ocean plastic pollution is one of the greatest environmental threats of the 21st Century; it is the canary in the coalmine for the health of our oceans. It is estimated that 8-13 million metric tonnes of plastic waste finds its way into waterways, and flows into the world’s oceans every year. A material that once revolutionized our society, in particular our healthcare industry, now threatens our health.

Do your bit to help save our oceans & your health by bringing your own cup and water bottle. Azulita Project will be selling klean Kanteen 16oz cups ($5) and The Orpheum will be selling reusable water bottles. However, if you forget, we will have compostables available.