FMFF Session 1: Love The Planet

Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival Presents:

FMFF Session 1: Love The Planet

Thursday, February 14 2019

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$5.00 - $40.00

This event is all ages

2 & Under - Free

Single session tickets good at Bike Revolution events 

FMFF Session 1: Love The Planet
FMFF Session 1: Love The Planet
Session 1: Love the Planet


5000 Miles of Wild
Director: Ben Masters
8 mins, USA, 2018

5000 Miles of Wild combines stunning scenery with insightful commentary on the state of river conservation, explains the importance of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, and provides a powerful call to action for protecting our country’s remaining wild rivers for future generations.

Grizzly Country
Director: Ben Moon
12 mins, USA, 2018

Author and eco-warrior Doug Peacock spent years alone in the Wyoming and Montana wilderness observing grizzly bears. With the protection of Yellowstone grizzlies now under threat, Peacock reflects on the importance of habitat and why he continues to fight for wild causes.

Return of the Texas Bighorn
Directors: Charles Post & Ben Masters
9 mins, USA, 2018

Return of the Texas Bighorn follows wildlife biologists as they capture, collar, and relocate desert bighorn to restore populations that were eliminated in the 1960s in West Texas.

The Last Green Thread
Directors: Danny Schmidt & Eric Bendick
17 mins, USA, 2018

In 2018 three friends set out on an expedition into the most rapidly developing landscape in Central Florida, traveling the narrowest and most imperiled wildlife corridor in the state.

Dear Mr. President
In Person: James Q Martin
Director: James Q Martin
5 mins, USA, 2017

In its effort to mobilize the outdoor sports community against climate change, Protect Our Winters (POW) have collected thousands of letters from our youth around the country. This film documents a few of these letters.

Director: Mark Knight
4 mins, USA, 2017

This short production was several years in the making as we traveled from the US, to South America to Iceland to capture the disappearing natural resources of our planet.

Just a Climber, For Bears Ears
In Person: Luke Mehall
Director: Greg Cairns
3 mins, USA, 2018

This film is the result of 20 years of thinking and recreating in Indian Creek. When the new protections are threatened by the Trump administration Luke Mehall sharpens his tools from his rucksack of poetry, and prepares for the battle to save Bears Ears.

Seldom Seen Sleight
In Person: Taylor Graham
Director: Taylor Graham
29 mins, USA, 2018

At 88 years old, Ken Sleight, the legendary 1950’s Colorado River outfitter and Glen Canyon’s most passionate advocate, aims to stick around long enough to see his beloved canyon returned to its former glory.

In Person: Amy Marquis
Directors: Amy Marquis & Dana Romanoff
54 mins, USA, 2016

During The centennial anniversary of the National Park Service, Indie folk band “The Infamous Flapjack Affair” set out on a journey through the public lands of the Colorado River Basin. Their goal: to meet people who have crafted their lives in the Basin and to write songs about it.