FMFF Session 6: The Weight of Water

Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival Presents:

FMFF Session 6: The Weight of Water

Saturday, February 16 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is all ages

Ages 2 & Under - Free

Single session tickets good at Bike Revolution events

FMFF Session 6: The Weight of Water
FMFF Session 6: The Weight of Water
Director: John Rodosky
7 mins, USA, 2018

Photographer Ben Thouard works to capture a new perspective of the underwater world. He discovers the through the wave photo, but quickly realized it was not a simple matter of arriving at the location and pointing his camera.

A Light in the Shadow
In Person: James Q Martin & Nicholas Geib
Director: James Q Martin
5 mins, USA, 2018

Legendary ultrarunner Rob Krar has joined forces with the Movember Foundation to raise awareness of mental health.

The Last Straw
In Person: Paul Perreault
Directors: Paul Perreault & Pine Forest Charter School Students
4 mins, USA, 2017

A brave extra-terrestrial is determined to save Earth and its oceans. He takes a few of Earth’s creatures on a time-travel journey to a possible 2050 to illustrate what the world’s oceans might look like if behavior remains unchanged.

*Arizona Premiere*
The Weight of Water
In Person: Michael Brown, Harlan Taney & Skyler Williams
Director: Michael Brown
79 mins, USA, 2018

The Weight of Water is the story of a blind adventurer taking on an absurdly improbable challenge, kayaking the Grand Canyon. He desires the elusive state of being that so many of us seek, to be engaged in the present moment.