FMFF Session 8: "Ed Shred" - Locals Night

Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival Presents:

FMFF Session 8: "Ed Shred" - Locals Night

Sunday, February 17 2019

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


This event is all ages

Ages 2 & Under - Free

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FMFF Session 8: "Ed Shred" - Locals Night
FMFF Session 8: "Ed Shred" - Locals Night
The Last Straw
In Person: Paul Perreault
Directors: Paul Perreault & Pine Forest Charter School Students
4 mins, USA, 2017

A brave extra-terrestrial is determined to save Earth and its oceans. He takes a few of Earth’s creatures on a time-travel journey to a possible 2050 to illustrate what the world’s oceans might look like if behavior remains unchanged.

In Person: Brendan Young
Director: Brendan Young
25 mins, USA, 2018

On the Navajo Nation, basketball is as much a part of life as the surrounding natural beauty and ancient traditions. Nahatabaa Nacona, in her senior year at Chinle High school, is at the junction between life on and off the reservation and her talent on the court could prove to be her only path to college.

The Tiny Things
In Person: Nicole Walker & Erik Sather
Directors: Nicole Walker & Erik Sather
12 mins, USA, 2018

Raising children is hard enough–doing it in the face of environmental devastation makes it all the harder. Still, there are tiny things to be done to undo or prevent that devastation.

The Queen of Zanskar
In Person: Nicholas Geib
Directors: Nicholas Geib & Mary McIntyre
9 mins, USA, 2018

During a multi-week backpacking trek, Kahtoola Owner Danny Giovale gets a unique first look at traditional Tibetan Buddhist practices and the impacts of climate change and road development along the Zanskar River, a remote and ancient trade route in the Indian Himalaya.

Wild New Brave
In Person: Oakley Anderson-Moore
Director: Oakley Anderson-Moore
28 mins, USA, 2014

America, 1970. The American Dream is dead — at least to outcasts who’d rather create a world where the ultimate self-expression was a climb to nowhere. Iconic climbers share how they formed a Utopia out of risk and innocence.

Glen Canyon Rediscovered
In Person: Taylor Graham
Director: Taylor Graham
29 mins, USA, 2018

Glen Canyon Rediscovered chronicles an expedition to the lost world of Glen Canyon, the “place no one knew.”

A Healing Journey: Nimiipuu Canoe Project
In Person: Justin Clifton
Director: Julian Matthews & Lucinda Simpson
15 mins, USA, 2019

This film explores the formidable journey of an intrepid group of tribal members who carve their first traditional canoe in more than 100 years.

Kaibab Elegy
In Person: Harun Mehmedinovic
Director: Harun Mehmedinovic
3 mins, USA, 2018

Journey to a cloud-inverted Grand Canyon.

Dignity at a Monumental Scale
In Person: Chip Thomas
Director: Kelly Whalen
8 mins, USA, 2018

Chip Thomas aka “Jetsonorama,” a doctor and long-time resident of Northern Arizona, creates images of everyday Navajo life on a monumental scale on abandoned buildings, roadside stands and water towers across the Four Corners