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Rent The Orpheum Theater for Your Livestream or Virtual Event

Produce a professional livestream with the help of or venue, technology, and experienced production crew.

As an independent, venue specializing in live events, The Orpheum Theater has had to quickly pivot business to virtual livestreams to maintain public safety the nature of our “new-normal” world.

As the #1 Flagstaff facility for producing professional live webcasts, we have been developing our technology so that we can offer the following options:


• Scrolling, starbursts, or static messages, sponsor logos and/or links to your donation sites if applicable.

• Incorporating pre-recorded material into your live stream.

• Incorporating remote streams.

• Streaming on up to 3 platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, and/or Twitch.

• High speed internet for clarity and connectivity.

• Incorporating Zoom streams into your webcast.

• Ability to communicate to viewers via live chats or comment sections.

• Creation of a pre and post reel that can contain ads, videos, and/or logos.

• Event will be managed though the Orpheum Theater’s online ticket/ event channels allowing for:

• Pay gates for ticketing
• Online event page providing easy access to attendees and special features • Data capture of attendee emails and viewership              analytics


Download a detailed webcast rental sheet for more information on tech specs and venue rental rates:

Webcast Rental Info


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